Calotren's HUGE 86% success rate is with Calotren ALONE, but we have several packs that contain other products as well as Calotren to address specific needs.




Calotren Capsules - 30 Day Supply

For 20 years, The Healthy Choice for Weight Loss

$69.95 $64.95

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Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off

 Includes 2 months of Calotren Capsules


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Calotren Capsules - 90 Day Program

*recommended 3 Month Supply


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Energy Pack(2).jpg

Calotren All Natural Energy Pack (Capsules)

1 Month of Calotren, 1 Month of Perfect Essentials Daily Multivitamin, and 1 Month of B-100 All Natural Energy Complex


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 CA002_BellyBlast2(3) (3).jpg

Ultimate Fat Burning Pack - 60 Day (Capsules)

Includes 2 Bottles of Calotren Capsules, 2 Belly Blast & 1 Acai Cleanse

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CA002_ (002).jpg

2 Months of Calotren Capsules

Includes 2 Bottles of Calotren Capsules

$139.90 $129.90

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CA001_bellyblast.jpg Ultimate Fat Burning Pack (Capsules)

Includes 1 Month of Calotren Capsules & 1 Month Belly Blast


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Couples Starter Pack.jpg

Calotren Couples Quick Start Pack (Capsules)

6 Month Supply for 1 Person or 3 Month Supply for 2 People

$545.30 $332.22

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30 BILLION BIOTIC 30s_A1.jpg

30 Billion-Biotic
Helps take care of excess yeast. PERFECT with Calotren or ANY Calotren Pack.

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Calotren 90 day Weight Loss and Joint Support Pack with FREE Turmeric (Capsules)

$232.80  SALE PRICE:  $209.85

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What's the difference in Calotren Capsules and Calotren Liquid? Click here to find out.

Capsules vs Liquid


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