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Calotren's HUGE 86% success rate is with Calotren ALONE, however, we have several packs that contain other products as well as Calotren to address specific needs.


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90 Day- Fall into Healthy Pack

Pack includes 3 bottles of Calotren Capsules, 1 bottle of Belly Blast, and 1 bottle of 30 Billion Biotic.

Regular Price for Pack $274.75

Discounted Pack Price - $198.95

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Calotren Liquid - 1 Month

For 20 years, The Healthy Choice for Weight Loss - in liquid form.


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Calotren Liquid - 90 Day Program

*recommended 3 Month Supply


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Calotren Couples Quick Start Pack (Liquid)

6 Month Supply for 1 Person or 3 Month Supply for 2 People

$545.30 $332.22

with PROMO: COUPLE  SAVE 10%= $299

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What's the difference in Calotren Capsules and Calotren Liquid? Click here to find out.

Capsules vs Liquid


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Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off

Includes a 60 Day Supply of Calotren Liquid

$139.90 $104.93

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 Ultimate Fat Burning Pack (Liquid)

Includes 1 Month of Calotren Liquid & 1 Month of Belly Blast


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