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"Calotren helped me lose 40 pounds. My husband has lost 15 and it helps with his bad knee. We love Calotren! " - Elizabeth, TN 

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"Went from a size 42 to a size 32.
Lower blood pressure and overall feeling better!"     -Kyle, IL

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"Calotren saved my life by helping me lose over 100 pounds!"    Greg, TX
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"One month on Calotren and I can definitely tell a difference with my sleep, my hot flashes, and even some weight loss." -Lisa, AR


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"I lost over a hundred pounds in about 2 years and have kept it off." -Dawn, LA


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"I started Calotren approximately 4 months ago with a continuous gym and eating healthy regimen and I can honestly say, it helped me lose 25 lbs!" -Tara, PA


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Safe, Natural Weight Loss

Calotren is all natural and GOOD for you! It's drug and stimulant-free and doesn't interfere with any medications or your health conditions. 


A Health Supplement with Side Benefits 

In addition to losing inches and pounds, Calotren helps support more restful sleep, enhances energy, allows for better digestion and less joint pain, and provides glowing skin!


Clinically Proven!

Calotren has an AMAZING 86% success rate with our 90-Day Program, and we've been helping customers achieve their weight loss goals for 20 years! 

Calotren Works!


Eric, AL

"Just started and down 10 pounds! I feel so much better about myself and am motivated more than ever to work hard at reaching my weight loss goal."

Greg, TX

"When I started on Calotren, I weighed 340lbs. I'm now 125lbs lighter thanks to Calotren. You saved my life!"


Suzanne, TN

"I've tried many things for my arthritis - nothing worked as well as Calotren." 


Shannon, PA

"I had been stuck in a rut after having my baby girl but with Calotren, I am now in jeans that I haven't been able to wear since before my baby was born! Thank you Calotren!"

Loni, OH

"I've lost 60 pounds with Calotren!"

Toni, IL

"I've lost over 70 pounds with Calotren!" 

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