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Why Choose Calotren?

Safe & Natural

Calotren is actually GOOD for you! It's drug and stimulant-free and doesn't interfere with any medications or your health conditions.

Side Benefits

Better sleep, more energy, better digestion, less joint pain and glowing skin are all side benefits of Calotren.

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It Works!

Calotren has an AMAZING 86% success rate with our 90-Day Program, and we've been helping customers achieve their weight loss goals for 20 years!

Want to learn more about Calotren?

Check out our informational brochure and discover how Calotren can help you
achieve your health and weight loss goals.




With Calotren You Get a Team of Support

Trained healthcare professionals and nurses are here to help you along your weight loss journey.




You don't have to change your daily routine.

  • No special diet
  • No meetings
  • No side effects
  • No workout plan needed


What Makes Calotren Different?


Success Stories

Meet some of our happy customers and see what they have to say about Calotren.


About Us

Find out more about our company and the team of professionals who are here to help you.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Schedule a 1-on-1 free weight loss consultation with one of our healthcare professionals. 

You won't find Calotren in stores.

At Calotren, we love our product, brand, staff, and customers; that's why we don't sell our product through outside distributors. By selling direct, we can always guarantee high quality customer service with our high quality products.

*Orders placed by 2pm during the week (Mon-Fri) will ship out same day.

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