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In a world full of unhealthy options, Calotren® stands alone.



  • Safe & Natural
    • Calotren® contains collagen, which is actually GOOD for you! It's drug and stimulant-free and doesn't interfere with any medications or your health conditions to help people lose weight naturally.
  • Side Benefits
    • Better sleep, more energy, less joint pain and better digestion are all benefits of Calotren®.
  • Convenient
    • You take it once a day right at bedtime.  Calotren® is available in both capsule and liquid form. Both are equally effective with no mixing, stirring, shaking or prepackaged foods necessary.
  • Healthcare Professionals on Staff
    • We have nurses and other healthcare professionals on staff to answer your questions and help you along your weight loss journey. We want to see you succeed! You can contact us by phone, email or chat.
  • 20 Years of Success
    • We've been helping customers lose weight and get healthy since 1997. we aren't going ANYWHERE!

Other Diet Products

  • Full of harsh herbs and/or stimulants
    • Many other products are full of caffeine or harmful stimulants like ephedrine or guarana that can interfere with medications and certain health conditions.
  • Side Effects
    • Many of these products make you jittery, keep you awake, cause stomach upset or worse.
  • Inconvenient
    • Terrible tasting teas, powdery drinks and cardboard tasting prepackaged foods. And you have to remember to take them multiple times a day. No wonder these products are hard to stick with.
  • No Help if You Have Questions
    • Good luck finding someone if you have questions. Usually, these products have no contact information at all or have only the distribution warehouse. Not a lot of help if you want more information about the product.
  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
    • Many products on the shelf today won't be there next month, let alone next year. They don't work or are harmful, so they have no way to last.

Calotren® has an AMAZING Success Rate. Click below to check it out.

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