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Calotren has been proven to not only aid in weight loss, but also to help reduce joint and muscle pain. Read below to find out how!

In joints:

Cartilage-This connective tissue found in the nose, ears, knees, larynx, joints, and trachea consists of collagen for flexibility, movement, and support. 67% of cartilage is made up of collagen.

Tendons- Collagen makes up more than 95% of the weight of tendons. In the tendons, collagen provides flexibility and strength in supporting the movement around bone joints.

Ligaments- Ligaments connect bones at joints and provide stability preventing hyperflexion or hyperextension. Ligaments are made up of over 80% collagen, so a deficiency in collagen in this area can lead to serious injury.

Problems with Collagen in the cartilage, tendon, and ligaments can also cause slower healing and even lead to injuries as well as allowing more friction between bones causing further damage.

In muscles: Muscles are comprised of cells interweaved by a connective tissue rich in collagen. Because of collagen’s vital role in muscle support and repair, a lack of collagen in this area can lead to a number of issues including muscle pains, a decrease in the muscle’s ability to work affecting metabolism, and even disease. In particular, fibromyalgia patients have shown deficiencies in collagen in muscles. Furthermore, evidence suggests that taking collagen hydrolysate may help decrease pain associated with the disease.

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