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Calotren helps heal the lining of your stomach and digestive tract and promote more healing.  The stomach has layers of tissues including several layers of connective tissue made of collagen, fibers, and fibroblast cells that produce more collagen and fibers.  When the layers are damaged, ingested particles can pass through into the bloodstream causing "leaky gut."  When collagen is digested, it is attracted to these fibroblast cells and may help stimulate them to produce more collagen.  Since collagen is the building block of this connective tissue, supplementing with collagen may help heal and even encourage fibroblasts to rebuild the damaged parts of the connective tissue in your stomach and digestive tract lining.

The amino acids in the collagen increase production of hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach.  This has several positive implications.

- It can help prevent further damage. HCI breaks down proteins. Without sufficient hydrochloric acid, undigested proteins can cause allergic reactions which lead to the inflammatory immune system response that comes with leaky gut and further damage the lining of the stomach.

- It kills off pathogens. HCl kills many organisms that can come from tainted, rotten, or undercooked food.

 - It helps your body to absorb minerals. HCl helps ionize minerals which make it easier for your body to absorb.

-Also, collagen itself naturally binds to water so it helps move your food through the digestive system. This can help prevent heartburn.

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