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Calotren customers are consistently reporting amazing improvement in their sleep since taking it. The collagen in Calotren contains an amino acid called Glycine which can help increase serotonin levels without increasing dopamine levels- providing for a better quality of sleep.

And we all know how better sleep can affect your appearance in several ways.  After all, sleep is the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth.  Your body is constantly repairing itself and recovering while you are sleeping.   

Your skin naturally produces collagen when you sleep, so this leads to plumper skin with fewer wrinkles.  Also, your body boosts blood flow to your skin as you are sleeping which leads to a healthier glowing complexion, and prevents dark circles under your eyes.   

So, not only does Calotren have an 87% success rate with weight loss, the benefits of better sleep will improve so many other aspects of your health and appearance.

Actual customer's tracked sleep pattern is pictured below.  The left is before taking Calotren, and the right is after taking Calotren for 2 months.



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