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Calotren® has been helping customers lose weight the HEALTHY way for 20 years! The secret to our success? Calotren® is GOOD FOR YOU!
Calotren® has an amazing 86% success rate with our 90-Day Program, and that success is based solely on the effects of Calotren® - NO special diets and NO other products. Customers also love that with Calotren® you see weight loss PLUS side benefits like better sleep, more energy and even less joint pain.


Why 90 Days?

Since Calotren® assists your body in losing weight naturally — without drugs or stimulants — the initial onset of benefits can vary from person to person. Most people begin to see inch loss and weight loss within the first 4-6 weeks. Many customers notice side benefits as well as better sleep, decreased joint pain, and more energy. 

If you have joint pain or injuries, your body may utilize the collagen protein in Calotren® there first. Therefore, we recommend beginning with a 90-day supply of Calotren® to ensure your very best results. 

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More Calotren® Success Stories

  • "My name is Michelle F., I have been taking Calotren and have lost 40lbs. I also have arthritis and fibromyalgia and have had less pain; it helps me sleep better and gives me better days with more spunk." Michelle F. (Fort Jennings, OH)


  • "We have been taking Calotren for some time [my husband] takes the capsules, and I take the liquid. We will probably continue taking it for the rest of our lives; it has changed our lives so much! I am 37 and feel 25. The energy I have is amazing, and my hip pain that I've had for 7 years is gone!!! We are customers for life!"  Wendy W., TX


  • "I've lost 33lbs on Calotren, and it also helps me with my arthritis." Randy S., TX


  • "I used Calotren and I lost 35lbs!" Barbara, NY


  • "I have lost 82 pounds in the last year! Calotren has changed my life completely. I use to weigh 242 pounds and I am down to 160. My goal is 135 pounds. I use to be a size 20+ and am on my way to my goal of a size 8. I have tried other diets and have lost weight but have always put it back on, or have spent tons of money on things that don't work. Calotren is the real thing and the results are awesome! I use to cry when I'd see myself in pictures and now I am loving it more and more. Thank you for making such an awesome product. (The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.)" Valerie B., NE


  • "I lost 24lbs on Calotren, and I LOVE it!" Kenneth E., TX


  • "I have always been an active person, but recently have struggled more than ever to shed some extra weight I gained. I have tried other supplements and weight loss products along with exercise and trying to eat better and nothing seemed to be working. Also, I didn’t like how the other weight loss products made me feel. I heard about Calotren on I105 with Murph and Casey, and decided I would try it. I couldn’t be more thankful that I did! I have been using Calotren for a very short time now and I already am noticing a difference and have lost a few inches to my waist, my clothing is fitting better and others are noticing a difference too! Plus, there are no nasty side effects and love that it’s a once a day dose and don’t have to worry about forgetting to take it multiple times a day. For a single mom/ER nurse who runs around like a chicken with her head cut off that is huge!!" Tami, PA


  • "I have lost 40 pounds with Calotren and walking! My gastrologist was so happy that I lost the weight!" Darrell, TX


  •  "I have only been taking Calotren for 30 days I haven't lost any weight yet but my joints feel so much better I don't hurt when I get up in the morning. Also, I am sleeping like a baby and I have so much more energy. I know the weight loss will come because everything else is working great. Thanks."   Lisa, KY


  •  "I lost 14 pounds in a very short time, and it was most noticeable in my stomach. I have more energy, less aches and pains, and less stomach issues. This is a great incentive towards improving my health and my weight! I was amazed

    to say the least!"  Carla, TX

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